Our Bloom Cannabis Infused Oil is an all natural blend of high end performance ingredients, organic botanicals, oils, food grade essential oils and 99.9% pure CBD.


100% FREE of Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Corn and Palm Oil, Yeast, MSG, Sulfates, Parabens, and Phthalate and are free of all synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives. 


Although extremely rare, allergic reactions can occur. Please do not use if you are sensitive to lavender essential oil, or allergic to stone fruits i.e. Peach, Nectarine, Plum, Cherry, Apricot, Sweet Almond, and Bitter Almond. 


*Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs, if sever please contact your medical care provider.



  • Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns.

    We will offer a replacement or a shop credit for certain circumstances. Please send us an email with any concerns about your purchase so we can work something out.